1. Demo
    Please refer to the play and run it automatically.
  2. Practice
    Position to hit the mark, the computer tells us the best position to give shade.
  3. Play
    Questions in the table of random numbers that are "Sudoku" will solve the problem with the mouse. Players can compete with the time of the race.
  4. Examples
    Book was published in newspapers and "Sudoku" and drag the mouse to place the issue of play on a PC.
  5. Decoding
    Book was published in newspapers and "Sudoku" and drag the mouse to place the issue and let the computer automatically decoded.
  6. Questions
    Themselves without the proper right-click on the numbers placed in the table of random numbers, "Sudoku" or create problems. Inconsistent sampling is warned to return to create a solvable problem.

Operation Description
  1. generation
    Please select from the age of your time in the race is on to another generation position.
  2. Name
    Nickname is fine, player name to view the race time.
  3. Difficulty
    Is the difficulty. The race time is marked by difficulty ranking.
  4. Menu
    Changes to these features.
  5. Mute
    Mute sounds. Please use at work or play at night
  6. Note
    If you check the box in the actual game, you can write a note to remember, right-click a blank cell. Please turn off when you right-click outside the panel.
  7. solution
    The practice and example, and check the box, holding down the mouse when a chip off board, colored extension position hittable numbers.
  8. results
    View the results of today's players. (If you do not update, right-click "Refresh" Please click)
  9. Start
    Start the game, the battle moves to start the timer, the questions are in place and starts automatically decrypted.
  10. suspended
    Stopped in the middle of combat, turn off your computer, you can start to make more.
  11. Repley
    Initial screen of the same place.
  12. Reset
    Random number to make changes in the new place.
  13. Print
    Is placed in the printer can print, the original "Sudoku" please enjoy your friends and at work.

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